Orion Constellation

Orion Constellation, M42, M43, Horsehead Nebula,
Orion Constellation 03/12/2004 Film
Orion Constellation Wide Field labeled
Orion Constellation Wide Field labeled

The photo of Orion was taken with slide film from a Dark Sky location near Dexter, Oregon.   Canon F1 camera, 50mm f/1.4 lens with Elite Chrome 200 film for 8 minutes and pushed processed.  The Camera was piggybacked on a Losmandy G 11 Mount and manually guided through a telescope.

Orion is a constellation near the celestial equator and dominated by bright stars, it is certainly one of the most prominent and recognized constellations.   Orion depicts a Hunter from Greek Mythology with the two most noteworthy stars being Rigel (blue-white) & Betelgeuse (Red Giant).

Observations of Orion back to 32,000 years and probably further.  In Ancient Egypt, Orion was a God and certainly is prevalent in many cultures of the past.  Some theories suggest the pyramids were fashioned after the belt stars of Orion, likewise the Nile Rivers depicts the Milky Way.