Comet McNaught C/2006 P1

Comet McNaught
Comet McNaught -C/2006 P1  Taken January 11, 2007 (Sunset)
Canon EOS 20D  1/60 sec.  Canon 100mm Macro f/2.8  1600 ISO  Tripod
Snow on the ground +10 degrees Fahrenheit  Hundreds of Canadian Geese in the air
Fern Ridge Reservoir, 7 miles from Eugene, Oregon

Comet McNaught C/2006 P1 was a great naked eye comet.  However in Oregon, it appeared while we had a snow storm in Eugene.  The above image was taken at Fern Ridge Reservoir with thousands of Canadian Geese flying about, some of them appear in this image.  The comet was very close to the sun at this latitude and very difficult to image.