M109 /NGC 3992 Barred Spiral Galaxy

M109 / NGC 3992 a Barred Spiral Galaxy 83 MLY; Taken with TEC 140mm f/7 Refractor
Telescope / LensTEC 140mm f/7 Refractor
Mount TypeAstro-Physics 1200
CameraSBIG ST10xme CFW10
 Filters LRGB Astrodon G-2
 Exposure95 minutes LRGB; 5 min. subs
 ProcessingCCDStack-2, Photoshop CS6
 DateImages taken 02/17/2018
 Location  Jupiter Ridge # 4,  (OCA- Anza Site)
Conditions4321 ′ magnitude 5.8  20.78 SQM

M109 /NGC 3992 Barred Spiral Galaxy approximately 83 million light years from Earth located in the Constellation URSA Major (Big Dipper). (location is 11:57.6 (R.A.) and +53:23 (Dec.). This barred spiral galaxy is readily visible through telescopes of 6″ aperture or better. Really looks good in 10″ telescopes at a Dark Sky site. When looking at the M109 /NGC 3992 Barred Spiral Galaxy, remember it is approximately 175,853.82 light years in diameter. (Milky Way is 100,000). M 109’s apparent Magnitude of 10.6 and size 7.6′ x 4.7′ (arc-minute)

The Messier objects were M 1-M 103 discovered and named by Charles Messier (see )until after the fifties when M 104-M 110 were added. M 109 is listed in The New General Catalog it is listed as NGC 3992.

This image was capture through a 5.5″ f/7 TEC refractor using a CCD with KAF 3200me chip cooled to -20c, each exposure was 5 min long 3 for each color channel (RGB) the rest were luminous.